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Wi-Five uses Cambium's Advantage Canopy System, the latest in broadband access from Cambium. In today’s broadband communications marketplace, no system can match the Cambium Canopy platform’s combination of advanced technology simplified configuration, rapid deployment and remarkable cost effectiveness. Not all Canopy systems are alike, we use only the latest from Cambium which provide the fastest quality of service.

The Canopy system’s intelligent protocols streamline deployment and operation. There is no need to run overhead or in-ground wire, install microwave or software. This allows us to deliver exceptional performance at reasonable prices.

The Canopy solution delivers superior performance using a modulation scheme that improves the quality of data delivery and woman using broadband connection to video conferencemitigates interference from other systems. The system’s wireless signals are highly effective in penetrating obstacles and avoiding obstructions, making it as efficient in dense urban environments as it is in suburban areas or rural locations.

Look for broadband wireless solutions that provide high levels of security
with applications such as over-the-air DES (Data Encryption Standard) encryption, and the advanced protection of AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) capabilities that make code cracking virtually
impossible. It is estimated that it would take about 149 trillion years to crack an AES code.

The Canopy platform’s upload and download speeds are as fast as or faster than virtually every other service available today.

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